Take Ten is a final product of a one week hackathon during my internship at AKQA. For this particular challenge, we were asked to define a common design problem in daily life and find a solution to that issue. Take Ten placed first place among all the teams.
Team: Andrew Stewart, Bill Brinkert
Role: User Interface Design, Logo Design, Visual Identity, Prototype Design, User Experience, Ideation/Problem Solving
tools: Principle, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Keynote
Our team first listed out daily problems that we face everyday and grouped them into different categories. We began to see relationships within them and connected some ideas that we could solve together. Among hundreds of pain points, we focused on two common problems that we face in the office. 
1) In most offices, people only know a fraction of their colleagues. Employees have few opportunities to meet new people at office.
2) We don’t know when to take breaks. Working long hours cause employees to burn-out.
In order to understand the audience, we researched how different work environments could affect employees’ behaviors and work performance. ​​​​​​​
Psychologist Susan Pinker’s study shows that when people interact with each other, hormones called oxytocine are released in the human body, which helps people to have trust and facilitate collaboration. In Pinker’s The Village Effect, she demonstrates an experiment which proved that productivity depends on social contact. The experiment had 25,000 employees divided into two groups. One group had breaks alone; the other group took the same amount of breaks with coworkers. The results showed that the employees who had a chance to talk and socialize with their coworkers had 20% higher productivity.
The target users are employees who struggle to find time to socialize and who often overwork and end up burning out.
user interface design
When you are tired, your brain is 'asleep'; when you feel left alone, you feel like you're not 'awake' within your community. I used this idea to visualize the interaction poetically. 
I used playful and bright colors to get users excited for this application. The logo reflects on the main function of the application: 'break time' button.
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